My Stanley Cup Picks

I usually post this at the start of the playoffs but forgot to do so this year.

But I did honestly make these picks before the playoff began – I’ve got a patron who I often chat about hockey with.  He asked who I was picking so this is what I told him…

Bold is a correct prediction.  Strikethrough is incorrect.

  • NYI over Florida in 7  in 6
  • Tampa Bay over Detroit in 7 in 5
  • Washington over Philadelphia in 4 in 6
  • Pittsburgh over New York Rangers in 6 in 5
  • Chicago over St. Louis in 7  St. Louis won in 7
  • Dallas over Minnesota in 5 in 6
  • Los Angeles over San Jose in 7  San Jose won in 5
  • Nashville over Anaheim in 5  in 7

So not bad – picked 6/7 first round series with one still to come [Edit: 7/8].  Didn’t predict any series length correctly though.

My final four prediction was Washington vs. Islanders and Chicago vs. Nashville with a Washington/Chicago final. Unfortunately, the Blackhawks lost in the first round putting a crimp into all my predictions plus my family hockey pool picks too.  But at least St. Louis picked up a new fan along the way!

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