Music Monday – “I only wanted to see you/Bathing in the purple rain”

I’m still on a big Prince kick after hearing the news of his passing last Thursday.

I listened to Prince songs all weekend, played a bunch of his songs (poorly) on guitar, even convinced Shea to watch “Purple Rain” with me last night.  (“Is this movie cheesy or was it just the 80’s?” she asked.  “Oh, I’m pretty sure all movies were this cheesy in the 80’s.” I replied)

Anyhow, as mentioned in that last post, there aren’t a lot of clips of Prince online.  But luckily two of his greatest performances of all-time are both up…

This one during a Super Bowl Halftime Show where he plays a very appropriate song in the pouring rain:

Purple Rain” – Prince

And this one during a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction for George Harrison where he absolutely shreds a guitar solo (Eric Clapton did the original solo for the Beatles back in the 1960’s yet when he was recently asked “What does it feel like to be the best guitarist in the world?”, he replied, “I don’t know – ask Prince!”) and dominates a stage full of the best musicians in the world:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Various Star

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