Hillary Had A Bad Week #demtownhall

As the latest Democratic Town Hall beings on CNN, I thought I’d review a pretty bad week for the Clinton campaign…

She had three major unforced errors in very short order this week:

  1. In an interview after Nancy Reagan’s funeral, Hillary said Reagan led the fight against AIDS in the 1980’s which is total bullshit and has angered the LGBT community.  Clinton apologizes and says she mis-spoke.

    There are three competing theories – all equally bad for Hillary – about what happened:
    a) Hillary actually did mis-speak by trying to be overly kind and confused Nancy Reagan’s late-in-life conversion to stem cell research advocate as a last ditch effort to cure Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s Disease with imagined or mis-remembered AIDS activism?  (I mean, both diseases do start with “A” and we all mis-speak or mis-remember at times.)
    b) She literally can’t help trying to be the “smartest person in the room” and tried to give a lecture/history lesson rather than just taking the safest course of action which would be to say something incredibly generic like “As another First Lady, I admire Nancy Reagan’s dedication to public service and her role in American public life.”
    c) She was trying to play some Level 10 Brain Chess by giving a backhanded non-compliment to a long-time Republican counterpart as a way to contrast her own activism as First Lady with Nancy Reagan’s non-action as First Lady.

  2. Hillary weirdly tried to connect the violence at Trump rallies last week with the Charleston shooting and says African-Americans have to forgive (or something?)
  3.  Hillary tried to slam Bernie Sanders by saying she “didn’t know where he was when she was trying to pass universal healthcare in 1993.”  Sanders absolutely destroys her with his Twitter reply.

Now it’s just waiting to see if these unforced errors will hurt her in the next big primary day on Tuesday.

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