Music Monday – “Spread your tiny wings and fly away/And take the snow back with you/Where it came from on that day/The one I love forever is untrue/And if I could you know that I would/Fly away with you”

It’s weird the things you remember from your childhood.

I’ve already written about a grade two teacher I had who was the nicest teacher I ever had (which makes it even more surprising and sad that she committed suicide later in life after she’d retired.)

I have no idea if teachers in other communities did this at the time (or if they still do? I’m pretty sure Pace hasn’t had this) but Mrs. Hancock brought in a local piano teacher once a week (?) and we learned all kinds of songs as part of our music education – pop songs, wartime songs, probably even <gasp> religious songs, etc.

We learned them so well that I still remember – and have a spot in my heart for – many of them including this one (which I recently came across in a cover version of the original Anne Murray version.)

Snowbird” – Kathleen Edwards with Bahamas

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