First Lines from My First Blog Post of Every Month in 2015

Hello from Cuba!

(Not really – I pre-loaded this post before we left on our trip as it’s always one of my favourite posts of the year and an interesting way to look back at the past twelve months…)

January – “How often can Throwback Thursday be a clip from the day before and also last year?”
February – “Didn’t post this weekend as I was away at my brother-in-law’s wedding.”
March – “Remember how, in the old days, you’d try to maximize your $14.99 (or $19.99 or more!) when buying a cassette or CD?”
April – “BuzzFeed has some pretty accurate listicles sometimes.”
May – “Microsoft recently launched a new site called that went viral due to its use of fancy math algorithms to guess the ages of people in pictures you upload.”
June – “Country music always makes me think of summer and camping and all that other good stuff all rolled up in one.”
July – “We’ve had a wonderful tree in our yard (even better, in our neighbour’s yard with big branches hanging over the fence providing us shade and a place to hang a swing) since we bought this house.”
August – “Back from nearly two weeks straight of camping.” [Note: This is also a record as I had to go to August NINTH to find my first post of that month.  I usually post something within the first couple days of the month going back to 2006!]
September – “Shea ended up posting all these annual “Pace’s First Day of School” pics on Facebook so I thought I’d post them here for posterity as well.”
October – “It’s hard to know where to begin with a series of posts about why the Conservatives deserve to be turfed from power.”
November – “So much openness.”
December – “I couldn’t resist posting this.”

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