SnapCircuits FM Transmitter vs. iPad

Pace got a pretty cool gift at the RPL Staff Kids’ Christmas Party today – the Snap Circuits FM Radio Receiver Kit which allows a kid to make a working FM receiver.

He got it set up and even tuned into the local FM station that goes “All Christmas Music, All The Time” during December for our musical entertainment in the evening!

Listening to the radio on his new toy inspired us to make the following comparison (the one rule was that we could only talk about the iPad in terms of its music capabilities.)

He made the list for the Snap Circuits and I made the one for the iPad.

Pace’s List of Best Things About Snap Circuits FM Receiver

  1. Smaller than an iPad
  2. No need for wifi to listen to radio stations
  3. Easy to play (push one button to tune to a radio station, push again to scan for another station)
  4. Built it himself
  5. Has more battery than iPad (likely won’t have to charge every day)

My List of Best Things About iPad Music Playing 

  1. You can load your own music
  2. Listen to worldwide radio stations, not just local
  3. Better sound quality
  4. No chance of losing parts
  5. Rechargeable

Who knew a $35 toy would equal a $350 tablet? 😉

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