Remembrance Day Takes Many Forms

Remembrance Day is when I think of my Grandpa Peet, a WWII veteran more than any day of the year.

And he was at the front of my thoughts even more than usual over the last couple days with the news that one of his three remaining siblings, my Great Uncle Bobby, had passed away in Weyburn on November 10 at the age of 91.

Bobby Pet

But I’d also planned to post another photo this year.  A cousin in Winnipeg had posted a few photos of her dad in the Korean War and I thought that’d be a bit of a change from what I usually post.

As a young boy, I have to admit that it was extremely cool to attend one of his daughter’s weddings with my mom and dad at the military base at Shilo, MB.  Beyond the tanks and other military stuff that was everywhere you looked, I’ll always remember how the kids attending had an open “bar” at the wedding where we could get unlimited chips and pop – until my uncle realised just how much we could eat/drink and ended up shutting that down! 😉

Don MacDonald

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