T-5: Liberal Campaign Co-Chair Resigns (aka “Liberals, Tory, Same Old Story”) #elxn42 #canpoli

Stephen Trudeau

Much of this election has been about the battle between the NDP and Liberals for who would be voters’ choice as the “change” party.

Except, the reality is that one of these parties’ last time in government ended in scandal and one party is the NDP who are the only party that represents real change for Canada in both precedent and in practice.

Lately, it’s true that the Liberals were flying high in the polls so, almost as if to remind Canadians of their party’s history of scandal, the Liberals’ campaign co-chair chose to resign yesterday after it was revealed that he had been contacting oil companies to tell them how to best lobby the government to get pipelines passed.

The email included, somewhat awkwardly for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, advice on how the energy company could go about lobbying a minority government led by Trudeau.

Earlier in the day, when the Canadian Press first broke the story, the Liberals stood by Gagnier, saying he did not break any ethical standards.

Despite that, it appears the optics were bad enough that Gagnier’s tenure with the party was to come to a quick end — just four days before Canadians head to the polls to elect a new government.

To put it another way, we haven’t even counted the ballots and the Liberals are already back to the old ways of corruption, influence peddling and scandals at the highest levels.

The choice is clear.

If you want change on October 19, don’t go back to the scandals of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin – vote NDP!

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