T-6: Steven Harper’s Advice To His Children May Be The Single Most Tone Deaf Thing I’ve Read During This Election #elxn42 #canpoli

So I’ve been obsessively reading about and following this election through various outlets – Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. – which often lead to news sites like the CBC, Globe & Mail, National Post.

But occasionally you stumble across something quite different.

For example, Twitter recently led me to what I expected would be a typical puff piece interview with Steven Harper in “Today’s Parent” magazine.

Maybe it was that venue, not really known for hard-hitting news coverage, which made me let my guard down.

But reading Mr. Harper’s replies to the magazine’s questions, two of his answers struck me as so hypocritical and offensive, I couldn’t believe the absolute tone deafness of his answers, especially when compared with his actual, demonstrated actions.

First, from the man who made the niqab into a divisive, racism-tinged wedge issue in this election…

THE BEHAVIOUR HE ENCOURAGES [IN HIS KIDS]: “To me, the most important thing is respect for other people. I always say to the kids, “You don’t have to like everyone, you don’t have to be friends with everyone, but you don’t pick on people. You don’t single people out because they’re different. And if that goes on, you call it—you stand up against it. It’s not how we conduct our lives. You don’t build yourself up by belittling others.” Our kids, I think, have got that message.”

And from the man whose party has been caught cheating in each of the last three elections they’ve won

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING FAIR: “I tell my kids, particularly my son, who likes to compete and to win: ‘You’ve got to be fair. You don’t win by cheating; you win fair. Respect rules, be honest, apply yourself when you’re in an activity. Make a decision later, and don’t quit in the middle.’”

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