T-15: Music Monday – “Your pipeline will spill its disease/You shut down all the research libraries” #elxn42 #canpoli

You know it’s bad for Stephen Harper when even one of Canada’s most popular bands releases a song slamming your government’s record. (and includes citations for all the facts in the video on their web site to head off criticism)…

“I recently visited Montreal and I was just awash in nostalgia at what Canada was like then, how we were coming into our own, with Expo,” Cuddy said in a telephone interview Tuesday. “And I realized so many of the values I had always admired about Canada, where I lived, were being eroded.  And that’s why we felt we wanted to join the conversation — not lead it, just join it.”

Stealing All My Dreams” – Blue Rodeo

(Er, and I’ll add two minor criticisms – they should’ve called the song “Stealing All *Our* Dreams” to make it more effective.  And the words on the video go by way too fast to read in parts!)

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