T-19: How Long Do Canadian Governments Tend To Stay In Power? #elxn42

Photo via National Post

It’s hard to know where to begin with a series of posts about why the Conservatives deserve to be turfed from office after nine years in power.  But perhaps my answer is right there in front of me.

Because the fact is that the trend since WWII has been that Canada’s longest lasting governments have all ended up having their mandates end right around the 10 year mark, give or take a year.  For whatever reason at that point, many Canadians (even those who support the long-standing government, whether it’s Brian Mulroney’s Progressive Conservatives or Jean Chretien’s Liberals) start to feel like the government becomes tired, old and that it’s time for a change.

One Conservative voter I know who even has a yard sign for his local Conservative candidate still told me that it’s time for Harper to go so we can get some fresh blood in Ottawa.  I’m not sure if voting for your local Conservative candidate is the best way to get rid of Stephen Harper but on the fact that’s time for Stephen Harper to go, we definitely agree! 😉

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