Music Monday – “Book flight December but I leave in May/Drugs are generic but still work the same/I get logins for Netflix from my cousin Greg/Thanks Greg!”

You know that experience when you learn a new word or buy a new vehicle or whatever and after never noticing it before, you suddenly see it everywhere?

I had a recent experience except it was with a YouTube rap star.  A friend of mine in the States who’s a teacher posted a pic with “Lil Dicky” who had returned to his alma mater where my friend teaches.  Then I saw Mr. Dicky’s new video was trending on Facebook’s News Feed.  Then I saw him on my Reddit front page.

In our “viral” age, this isn’t unusual for memes to come into your consciousness all at once but I just thought it was cool that this one started with a pic posted by a buddy.

$ave Dat Money” – Lil Dicky

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