A Look at the Log Files…

I haven’t done a navel-gazing post for awhile so I thought it’d be interesting to list which of my blog posts have had the most views during this year along with the date that they were originally published…

  1. How To Make A Rye & Coke Press (Dec 2006)
  2. Myers-Briggs Results as Cultural Touchstones (Oct 2013)
  3. Ranking the Top 10 Milestones of a Person’s Life (Aug 2012)
  4. 10 Similarities Between Sports & Religion (Sep 2010)
  5. Top 10 Things I Use As A Bookmark (Jan 2013)
  6. Our New rPod 182g Ultralight RV (Sep 2014)
  7. Eulogy for Uncle Ken (Oct 2012)
  8. Good Morning Vietnam: An “Un-War” War Movie (Aug 2014)
  9. Saskatchewan Songs (Sep 2006)
  10. An Unofficial Guide to UWO FIMS Library School (Sep 2006)

Random observations…

  • List posts are hit posts
  • September 2006 is the only month that hits my Top 10 list twice.
  • I think a common theme to probably half of these posts is people looking for unique information that’s hard to find elsewhere online – from how to make a drink that’s fairly unique to the prairies to how to write a eulogy for an uncle to facts about a certain RV model to insight into a specific University program
  • Not one “Theme” post makes the list – no Music Monday, Throwback Thursday, Friday Fun or Saturday Snap.  If I were trying to make this blog more popular or including ads, I’d probably have to look seriously at doing away with those theme days.
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