Five Highlights From Two Weeks of Camping

Back from nearly two weeks’ straight of camping…

We spent a week up at Good Spirit Provincial Park near Yorkton, had a few days back in Regina to re-stock over the August long weekend (very strange to be driving in to Regina as an endless stream of campers were heading out!)  We then went down to Nickle Lake near Weyburn where Shea’s folks have a seasonal site and our r-Pod fit nicely in front of their giant fifth wheel, like a baby whale swimming in front of its momma. 😉

Five Highlights From Our Recent Camping Trips

Toddler Trapped in Camper

1. “Highlight” isn’t the right word but Sasha managed to end up somehow locking the deadbolt in Grandpa and Grandma’s fifth wheel camper trapping herself inside, all alone, one evening! We couldn’t talk her through opening the door so after calls to locksmith (not around), local RV salesperson at home (no master key for deadbolts, only regular locks), tow truck (no tools for this type of situation) plus trying every neighbour’s key we could find, grandpa ended up drilling the lock to get it open. Luckily Sasha didn’t get into anything dangerous (later we imagined all the possibilities – everything from pills to sharp knives to the switches for the pop-outs!) and the only thing she did was find a bottle of Nestle chocolate syrup, pour herself a giant glassful and drank it straight!

Storm Clouds Over Good Spirit Lake

2. On our first couple nights at Good Spirit, we caught the edge of a giant rain storm that battered Regina a couple weeks ago (one person tweeted that Regina got as much rain in 24 hours as it had in all of May/June/July combined in our very hot dry summer).  This proved that four of us can survive in the tight quarters of the rPod and also provided a great lightning show through our window after the kids were (finally) asleep!

Swimming at Nickle Lake

3.  We went out on Grandpa’s boat at Nickle Lake a couple times and the person who loved swimming the most was…Sasha!  It’s a terrible analogy but her face when she’s in the water paddling around reminds me of a puppy when it sees its owner – just pure joy!  Her and I swam for a long time and we even went into the shallows where we found some freshwater clams.

4.  There’s a longer video to follow but Pace went riding his bike in “The Pits” which is a hidden dirt pit in the trees near Grandpa and Grandma’s site.  We ended up using the slo-mo feature on the iPhone to make a bunch of clips then I showed him the basics of using iMovie and within minutes, Pace was clicking away – inserting and mixing clips, adding sound effects, trimming stuff, etc.  It was actually sort of mind-blowing to see how quickly he picked it up!

First Time Driving at Family Farm

5. Technically not part of our camping trips but on the weekend in between, we ran out to our family cottage at Katepwa Lake to spend an afternoon with my parents.  On the way back, we stopped at our family farm where both Sasha (assisted) and Pace (unassisted) got to practice driving down the lane.

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