Duking It Out With Wendel Clark at #hometownhockey #yqr

In the photo below, Sasha seems to be saying “Dad, if you raise your fist to this guy, you’re going to lose!”

Wendel Clark at Hometown Hockey

That’s not too far-fetched actually since, when I stepped up for my photo, I accidentally bumped into Wendel as I moved to stand beside him.

“Hey, keep the elbows down!” he quipped and I was able to reply, “At least I’ll be able to tell people I’ve bodychecked Wendel Clark!” 😉

(Luckily he didn’t level me right there!)

At any rate, what an honour to meet a childhood hero and one of the best NHLers to ever come out of Saskatchewan, #17 – Wendel Clark, during Rogers “Hometown Hockey” tour stop in Regina today.

Here’s a great video that shows what made Wendel so special…

In a completely unrelated note (thankfully!), Shea and I went out to participate in a research project being conducted by a former colleague’s daughter who is completing her PhD.  She’s researching the psychology of pain and after having a device placed on my arm that tested a person’s pain threshold, my competitive spirit forced me to ask how I fared against other men who’d done the test.  She said there were only a couple participants who’d maxed out the pain metre and I was just a hair shy of that level.  (I reached 49/50 on her measuring tool.)

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