The Story of a Bedtime

So tonight was fairly routine at the start…

Pace has his snack while watching videos on the iPad.

Shea reads Sasha a story and then nurses her before putting her to bed.

Sasha immediately starts crying in her crib as she’s been doing lately.

I go check on Sasha and she’s got a wet diaper so I change that.  She starts crying when I put her in her crib so Shea nurses her some more.

Pace finishes his snack, brushes his teeth and puts on pyjamas then we read together (he’s really enjoying the Calvin & Hobbes book I introduced him to).

Shea comes out and Sasha starts crying again.  We’re not fans of “cry it out” for babies but leave her for awhile as we know she’s likely just crying because she doesn’t want to go to bed.

Shea does go to check on her after her crying doesn’t stop and now she’s pooped in her diaper (she’s done this a couple times at bedtime lately and I think she’s learned to do it on command to get a bit more attention!)

Poopy diaper changed, Sasha’s back in bed and Shea comes down to join me.

We hunker in, hoping to watch the State of the Union Address.

Sasha’s crying.  Sasha’s still crying.  Sasha’s STILL crying.

Okay, I’ll go check on her.

And this is where it gets funny…

I turn on the hall light and go into her room to find her, standing against the rail of her crib, stark naked!   In her anger about bedtime, she’s stripped off her pyjamas, her socks, her diaper and angrily thrown everything on the floor!

(I won’t post the picture of what this looked like!)

Normally I don’t do this but I carry her downstairs to where Shea is waiting for me.

“I found her like this.”  Shea just shakes her head.

Pace, having seen me carry a naked toddler past his room, decides to follow me down to see what’s going on.

He gets sent back to bed after more goodnight hugs & kisses for him.

More nursing for naked Sasha.  Carry her back up, get her dressed again (this time in pyjamas she might have more trouble pulling off.)  “Should we put them on backwards?” is asked.  “If she strips one more time, we will!” is the ominous reply.

Shea decides that, once again, TV probably isn’t going to happen for her tonight.

She goes to read in our bed across the hall from Sasha’s room.

I come downstairs and am now watching the State of the Union while imagining that John Boehner was probably the kind of toddler that got so pissed off, he stripped naked in his crib too! 😉

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