Music Monday – “Now when she’s talking to you/Make sure you listen close/Cause she’s gonna teach everything you’ll ever need to know Like how to mind your manners to love and laugh and dream/And she’ll put you on the path/That’ll bring you back to me”

Shea’s lifelong friend, maid of honour, and guardian to Pace and Sasha, had her third baby last night.

After having two boys, we were happy to hear that a baby girl, Abby, had joined their family – not least because we can pass along a bunch of clothes and other Sasha goodies to them!  😉

Garth Brooks is making a big comeback (biggest tour ever?  iTunes killing web site?) and here’s a song that, even with all the over-the-top religious stuff, still pulls on the heartstrings and is quite fitting with today’s happy (hAbby?) news…

[2016-04-29 – Shea and I just bought tickets on that “biggest tour ever” for his Saskatoon shows which got me looking at what I’d written about Brooks before.  I see the version I originally posted is off YouTube but as usual, there is a wide selection of other options…]



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