Throwback Thursday – Weeding #tbt

A couple thoughts on a massive fiction weeding project I did at Southeast Regional Library…

  • I’m sure this weeding project was literally the moment that I went from believing “All books are precious tomes of knowledge that should be preserved at all costs” to “Well, I guess if we’re buying new books all the time, we gotta get rid of some.  And since these ones are shitty, to the shredder they go!”  😉
  • Check out the command-line based ILS in the background – Dynix Classic.  Thankfully I grew up in the age of DOS and caught on pretty quickly to its quirks.
  • The office I’m in looks quite bare bones and that’s for good reason.  The office I actually worked out of was next door but since we had a vacant position at SRL while I was there, I got to use this empty office for some of my work (and make jokes about having two offices all the time as well!)

img1000 Weeding at Southeast Regional Library

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