Feels Like A Pretty Monumental Day

Shea and I finally dropped our landline and will only be using our smartphones going forward.  Some risks and downsides of course but overall, we were basically paying $40/month for calls to and from both sets of parents (which we can still do with our smartphones) and otherwise, 90% of our calls were spammers, surveys, or spammy surveys.

Next step will be cutting the cable cord although that one might be a bit tougher as I’m still pretty attached to the cable (and then satellite) television I grew up on.  Hell, I paid part of my way through college selling cable TV subscriptions for Image Cable Systems in rural Saskatchewan.  They say you can’t sell something you don’t believe in and I helped Image win National Marketing Awards for the campaigns I was involved in. So yeah, cable TV means a lot to me and getting rid of that will be a much bigger leap to make! 😉

Anyhow, if you need to reach Shea or I, call our cells…

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