Saturday Snap: I’m Not Sure If Sasha Is Late For Easter Or Early For Halloween?

Clean-up in Aisle 7!

Sasha decided to grab hold of the egg carton in our shopping cart the other day and dump a few of them on the grocery store’s floor.

Conveniently, Shea was in another aisle while I was with Pace who said “Let’s get out of here!” and pretty much took off running.  (He also felt incredibly guilty about the broken eggs and thought his sister was going to get in trouble.)

Meanwhile, an old couple who happened to be walking by stopped to have a chuckle and help scoop the eggs out of our shopping cart. This was both embarrassing, kind, and somewhat scary since I kept thinking the old guy was going to crack an egg over our groceries – something we’d avoided since most of the eggs in the carton Sasha tipped landed on the two loaves of bread we also had in the cart and/or on the ground.


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