Hmm, What Should I Write About?

I have folders, both in my e-mail program and in my browser, that have dozens of sites bookmarked as potential blog fodder.

I have thousands of photos that I could easily turn this into a daily photo blog featuring nothing but photos of my kids every day (don’t get excited, grandparents – probably not going to happen!)

I have all kinds of random thoughts about what’s happening in libraries, technology, politics, hockey playoffs and about a zillion other areas I’m interested.

I often whip off posts after getting home from work, after supper but before bedtime routines.

But then, it’s Easter Sunday, I’ve had all day to contemplate what I could write or post.  The kids are in bed, Shea’s watching a streaming lecture for a course she’s taking and I’m sitting here, working my way through a backlog of e-mail (always a constant in my life.)

Yet I can’t think of anything specific I feel like posting – not even a joke about how Easter falls on 4:20 this year!

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