Ten Random Thoughts

  1. Not sure if the anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day worked for Pace.  He called me a “stupid noob” when I got home then gave me a double shot to the stomach! Time to cut back on the Minecraft I guess… 😉
  2. Talking to people who don’t live in Libraryland often makes me realise that librarians are often our own worst enemies – we’re too controlling, too set in our ways, too unwilling to take risks.  A lot of librarians have observed that if we were a private business, we’d probably be bankrupt.  I hate that I’m often inclined to agree.
  3. Spring is finally here.  One of the weirdest signs?  Pace’s school bus is actually arriving on time in the morning as it can maneuver, make turns, and accelerate a lot better now that the streets aren’t giant skating rinks.
  4. Pace took his first steps at nine months and was walking quite well by age one.  Looks like Sasha’s not going to make it – she can stand for extended periods, crouch and then stand up and even stand from a sitting position without pulling herself up by anything.  But a week to the day to his first birthday and unless we drill her like an Olympic athlete, she likely won’t be walking at her first birthday party.  I recently read a good article that said many infant milestones are based on 50th percentile stuff which is ridiculous since that means 50% of parents could conceivably think their child is “behind schedule”.  It’d be much better to use milestones based on the 10th percentile so 90% of parents are less likely to worry and the 10% who are really far behind on milestones that are really warning signs of potential developmental delays could be better identified.
  5. Current TV Show: “Orange in the New Black” on NetFlix (and continuing to debate cutting the cord completely though haven’t made the leap yet.)
  6. Current Book: Just finished one so time to pick a new one – one of the best feelings in the world!
  7. Current Movie: Finally watched “Frozen” which was actually quite good
  8. Current Music: Nothing I’ve got on constant replay right now. Rdio makes it *so* easy to flip around from country to Eastern European folk music to kid’s songs to chart toppers to whatever strikes my fancy.
  9. Coming out of Wrestlemania XXX, seeing the elevation of Daniel Bryan and a huge number of young talents being brought in, it feels like pro wrestling’s poised for another boom period.  One theory is that the wrestling business is cyclical and each boom period corresponds to the development of a new technology that wrestling capitalizes on – going back to Gorgeous George and television in the 1950’s, Hulk Hogan and pay per view in the 1980’s,  Stone Cold Steve Austin and a broadening cable landscape in the 1990’s and now with Daniel Bryan and the Netflix-like WWE Network which uses the Internet to cut out the middle man (cable provider or whoever) so WWE deals directly with its fans.
  10. Sasha’s birthday theme is going to be The Very Hungry Caterpillar so we’ve bought Regina out of its supplies of butterflies and butterfly-related accessories!

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