Ten Things That Make Me Happy These Days

  1. I’ve recently rediscovered hummus.  God, that stuff is addictive!
  2. The local hard rock radio station playing German quasi-death metal on my drive back to work after lunch recently = Jason has a very productive afternoon! 😉
  3. I’ve mentioned this before but getting to come home for lunch every day is beyond awesome.
  4. That’s partly because, when you say “kisses” to Sasha, she gives a big wet sloppy kiss!
  5. Without any help from me, Pace reading me a book I read him a zillion times over the past three years.
  6. Caesar salad.  Shea and I live on that stuff these days.
  7. When patrons call me by my name.
  8. ThisLife.com (other than the fact that they don’t yet offer an unlimited package and I’m quickly approaching their third tier of service which might get me looking for another similar service)
  9. Watching the Flames beat the Oilers 8-1 on Hockey Night in Canada last Saturday.  God, that was hilarious for so many reasons – over-rated first overall picks accidentally drenching their coach with water, angry goalies throwing home team sweaters back into the crowd, rejected former Oilers scoring hat tricks.
  10. Reddit as networking tool. 😉
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