Saturday Snap – One Thing I Noticed About Pace’s Report Card…

I have an English degree so can’t help but notice that Pace went from “MEeeting” to “EsTablished” (which is the highest level in the school’s rating system) in English Language Arts between the first and second terms of Grade One.

Shea has a degree in Nursing and I also noticed that his Health Education mark stayed at “MEeting” rather than going up to “EsTablished”.

Just saying… 😉

(Of course, Shea could also argue that a big part of nursing is the Science and Pace had his biggest jump on the card, going from PRogressing to EsTablished.  Or that this jump is inevitable when he gets nightly reading homework but not nightly Health homework – whatever that may be.  So there’s that…)

At any rate, the one thing I do know for sure is that both of us are incredibly proud of our little man – great report card Pace!


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