Forget Dystopian Fiction, Is Sochi A Dystopian Reality? (Or Is The United States?)

Wired magazine asks if what we’re seeing in Sochi is a manifestation of some of the tropes of current dystopian literature like “Hunger Games”, the “Divergent” trilogy, etc. – a gleaming, authoritarian rule masquerading as a utopia but with a barely hidden sub-class, propaganda, televised spectacle, corruption, rigged competitions, doublespeak, etc.

It’s an interesting idea that others are exploring as well.

I know there’s now an (inevitable) pushback against the #sochiproblems stories that have been coming out.  And I have no doubt that some of these reports are exaggerated, outdated or simply cultural misunderstandings.  (The First Rule of Travel – if you’re in a foreign country, don’t expect everything to be like it is in your home country!)

But I also think it’s fairly clear that these Olympic Games, the most expensive in history, are having many many problems that are very real – from the tales of massive displacement of locals to the much more #firstworldproblem stories of hotel rooms without functioning Internet or whatever.

That’s unfortunate.  But also perhaps a glimpse at a potential future for the rest of the planet, not just Russia?

Because coincidentally, today is also “The Day We Fight Back“, a US-based online effort to raise awareness about unconstitutional spying by the US government on its own citizens.

Russia’s is the spotlight but the United States is definitely not utopia either in terms of their current climate.

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