Friday Fun Link – The #sochi #olympics Are Actually The Gayest Olympics of All-Time #sochiproblems

Today saw the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Lots has been made about Russia’s anti-gay laws and the statement by the mayor of Sochi that their community of 400,000 people has no gay people which have drawn protests from everyone from the Head of the UN to Google to the Canadian Institute for Diversity and Inclusion.

I think everybody’s got it all wrong and are being *way* too sensitive.

The reality is that Sochi’s already lining up to be the gayest Olympics of all-time.

Here are just a few examples…

Russian Police cover Daft Punk’s neo-disco anthem “Get Lucky”…

Sochi’s main stadium lit up in rainbow colours…

…as were the German outfits:

Often gay people have to use a complicated system of signals between stalls in washrooms to indicate their interest in doing more than #1 or #2.  In Sochi, that barrier has (literally) been removed…

Many Sochi hotel rooms feature prominent photos of a topless Vladimir Putin….

…while others have spy cameras in the showers.

What’s next?  Lesbian rock stars hitting #1 around the world???

[Edit: Spoke too soon – the Russian Olympic Team *did* walk out to a Tatu song during the Opening Ceremonies’ Parade of Nations.  That clinches it!]

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