Pace’s Five Favourite Memories From His Christmas Holidays

About to return to school tomorrow (and still awake when he should be sleeping), I’ve asked Pace to be a guest blogger tonight and tell me some of his favourite memories from his Christmas holidays…

  1. Seeing the *real* Santa for the third time in his life!  Santa was in the neighbourhood checking if kids were sleeping or not and Pace’s dad happened to look out the window and see him.  That means Pace has seen the real Santa (not the mall helper kind) at his grandpa and Grandma Thompson’s, Grandma and Grandma Hammond’s and now at his own house in Regina!
  2. Tobogganing with his dad on the new slider that Santa brought.
  3. Eating cinnamon buns on Christmas morning.
  4. Opening a present on Christmas Eve that turned out to be a table top air hockey game from his cousin.
  5. Playing charades with Grandma and Grandpas Thompson and Hammond.

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