Atheist Advent Calendar – Day 10 – The Hypocrisy of Christianity

I’m not so strident in my atheism that I can’t acknowledge that Christianity (and most religions in general) have decent principles behind them, have done a lot of good in the world, and that many religious people are to be commended for how they move through life – generous, understanding, kind, compassionate, etc.

My problem is with what I feel are the vast majority of hypocritical “Christians” who practice none of the values I just listed (or only practice them selectively.)

There are numerous stories of “Christians” behaving in what I would call a less-than-Christian manner.  From congregants ignoring or chasing off their pastor when he disguises himself as a homeless person to denying the pagan roots of many of their most cherished symbols (including the Christmas Tree and other Christmas traditions right down to the date of Jesus’ birth) to the fact that some charities closely linked to Christmas have less-than-stellar approaches to their fellow man.

That’s not to mention the religious leaders who are raking in millions for themselves over any charitable or worthwhile endeavours.


Right or wrong, being an atheist gives me a lot of freedom to decide on a course of action without trying to remember what I’m “supposed” to do.  If I choose not to give money to a homeless person today for whatever reason, that’s my choice and I’ll own it.  Tomorrow, I may give something.

(Maybe I’m defeating my own argument as I think many Christians do the same thing – acting inconsistently depending on their mood/circumstance/whatever.)  I guess the difference is that I try to be self-aware when I do this without portraying myself self-righteously (“I’m a *Christian*!  Of course, I’m charitable!”  But I just saw you step over that homeless guy.  “Well, not *that* kind of charity.  Duh.”)

I don’t know – I feel like I’m getting away from my original point, namely, that there are many good Christians but, as in so many other areas, its the bad ones, the hypocritical ones, the fake ones – that ruin it for everyone else.

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