Music Monday – “Your love is like an ocean/That always takes me home/Whispering wind is blowing/Telling me I’m not alone” #gc101 #greycup #yqr #riders

Well, in the end, the Riders held on to win the Grey Cup yesterday in a game (and really an entire season) that felt pre-destined.  The Grey Cup losses in 2009 & 2010, the Grey Cup being held in Regina for only the third time in its history (and last time at historic Taylor Field), the record-setting 8-1 start – all of it made yesterday’s result feel inevitable (almost).

Back at the start of the season, I posted the commercial for this year’s Riders marketing campaign at after a co-worker (whose partner’s company made the commercial) posted it on her Facebook page.  I’ve watched that video over and over throughout the year and pretty much had the song on repeat everywhere I went for the last week.

So what a perfect way to end the season but with the way I began it?

Loving this video which always puts a joyful tear in my eye…

“What I Wouldn’t Do” – Serena Ryder

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