Saturday Snap – Halloween Hijinxs

I didn’t actually dress up for Halloween this year (does “Guy who works at a library” count?) but this selfie, taken outside the photo booth they had at our Staff Development Day on October 25 this year sure makes it look like I did!



Pace’s idea of decorating a pumpkin included a self-serve option.  When I went to the grocery store a couple days before Halloween, they were sold out of traditional orange pumpkins so I bought a white one instead which I actually liked quite a bit…



For the past ten years, our Library Director has made the rounds of RPL branches in costume on Halloween.  He even has a contest where people can guess his costume via a riddle he sends out a couple days before.  I’m sad I’ll never get to win that contest as he’s announced this is the last year he’ll be coming around unfortunately.


I’d say that a library’s Halloween storytime is pretty much the single cutest day of the year.  (You can also play “Spot the Sasha” in the picture below!)



Here’s a clue…




After storytime, Sasha decided to get to work…



Our two trick or treaters ready to go (okay, only one of them was planning to go out on the neighbourhood this year!)




That didn’t stop the one who was left behind from “helping” mommy hand out the candy…



…and occasionally trying to get a sample too!



Meanwhile, out on the mean streets of Regina, Pace’s Green Lantern costume, which lit up with blinking lights on the front, got many compliments from the citizens of the city…



We’d heard there was a really cool haunted house in the neighbourhood and it didn’t disappoint…



…with a yard full of ghosts and ghouls (note the gravestone at the bottom of this picture), a driveway full of cars that appeared to have run over or otherwise splattered innocent bystanders and much more.  They even opened their doors to let people tour inside their house which was brimming with pumpkins, cobwebs and all kinds of other scary Halloween goodness.  Pretty cool!  (So cool, Pace went back with his mom to show her when we got back home.)



A pretty good Halloween all around.  For the first time in many years, daddy even ended up with a bellyache from eating too much candy!  (Must be getting old…)

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