The Stages of My Life

Like the Beatles ushering in the “Swinging 60’s” in 1964, it won’t line-up perfectly.  But you can still chart my life in terms of broad decade-long “eras” fairly easily…

~0-10 years – Figuring out the basics, attending elementary school

~11-20 years – High school

~20-30 years – English degree transitions into a nearly decade long stint in the Canadian book industry working with publishers and writers

~30 – 40 – years – Librarianship – getting my Masters and then working in public libraries

What will be interesting will be to see whether my current spot in public libraries will continue for another couple decades and I end up putting in the standard thirty-years for a “full” career or if some other option – planned or otherwise – presents itself or comes to pass, just as the Jason of his 20’s may have had the thought cross his mind occasionally but never honestly thought he’d become a Librarian in his 30’s.  And I guess there’s different roles within libraries that you could do for different time frames – maybe my first ten years are in roles to help me build a solid foundation for where I might end up, the next ten are increasing responsibility of one kind or another and the final ten (give or take) are in some sort of management role?  Who knows.

I’m also very conscious that this list comes across as very school- and work-centric and negates my personal life which I actually consider the one thing that’s been a constant through the other changes – moving provinces, changing jobs, different living arrangements.  And that’s fine by me! 😉

Six hours left in my 30’s!  Or maybe eight?  I think I was born at 2am or something like that. 😉

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