Fun at the Fair #yqr

Regina’s main summer fair is the Queen City Ex in August but there’s a smaller fair that sets up earlier in the summer each year in the parking lot of a random local mall.

The wristbands for unlimited rides costs the same as the “big” fair but there’s no gate admission charge and instead of (un)fair priced concessions on the midway, you can slip in the mall for food if you want.

Since this mini-fair was at the mall closest to our house this year, since we wanted to do something to celebrate Pace’s kindergarten graduation (er, not official yet so making a wee leap of faith there!), Shea picked me up from work and we went to check it out.

Here are some highlights…

Parking spot right by the entrance is a great start…


I swear bumper cars went faster when I was a kid…


Can you spot Jason and Pace?


How about Shea and Pace?


Pace’s favourite ride was also the fastest, highest and most gut-churning. He went on The Rainbow more than ten times including two different times when he went three times in a row! (Another bonus for a smaller fair – rarely any lines for rides!)




Pace being goofy on the Ferris Wheel…


City view from top of Ferris Wheel…


A fun day for the family – great idea Shea!


The only one of us to not go on any rides is the most zonked!


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