Friday Fun Link – Five Things That Reminded Me of Hawaii During My Walk Around Wascana Lake at Noon Today

Going to Hawaii a year and a half ago was one of the best trips of my life and I’m constantly thinking about when we’ll be able to get back (short answer: probably not for a long time!)

But if I can’t get there in person, I can pretend I’m there, even when I’m still in Regina.  During my walk around Wascana Lake today at noon, there was lots of inspiration…

  1. One person I passed was wearing coconut-scented sunscreen.  If that doesn’t put you right on the beach, nothing will!
  2. Another person, heavily tattooed and looking like a lifetime surfer was getting ready to take out a paddle board from the marina
  3. I was listening to all kinds of “summer” music I also listened to in Hawaii – Bob Marley, Beach Boys, Jason Mraz, etc.
  4. It was hot but not too hot, slightly muggy but not too muggy.  In other words, just like Hawaii, perfect weather.
  5. Lots of people in shorts, bathing suits, sun hats, etc.  If I’d seen someone carrying a shave ice, I wouldn’t have looked twice! 😉
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