Google’s Secret of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees

A good article about why Google has been so successful including:

  • Google Cafes to encourage employee interaction, allowing anyone to directly e-mail senior managers
  • Google Moderator which is custom software that allows staff to ask questions about any aspect of the company and then vote on other people’s ideas to ensure the most relevant ideas get attention
  • TGIF weekly open meetings with senior management
  • GUTS (Google Universal Ticketing System) where people can report issues or problems and which, more importantly, is also monitored for patterns
  • FixIts which are 24-hour sprints where all staff focus on solving a single problem
  • internal innovation reviews where middle managers take ideas from their units to senior managers for consideration
  • …and a wide range of surveys on all manner of topics from company operations to the performance of managers including a major one called GoogleGeist which is a solicits feedback on hundreds of topics and then strikes volunteer teams to work on solutions.

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