2013-03-27 – Seven Things In My Brain This Week

  1. Finding the A&W at the Cornwall Centre food court closed for renovations tonight, a co-worker suggested that we should “nationalize the fast food industry.”
  2. I helped a visually impaired patron mix up a protein shake the other day.  Now *that’s* customer service! 😉
  3. If politics is like sport, losing the leadership race by 44 votes is sadder for me than when the Flames lost in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals but not as sad as when the Riders lost after the 13th man penalty.
  4. It’s a race as to which will come first – warm spring weather or us needing to buy a winter coat to replace the one Shea’s quickly outgrowing (Note: not actually Shea in this clip)
  5. The Flames are about to trade Jarome Iginla. I’m betting Los Angeles but would’ve loved to see him in Pittsburgh (more likely before they picked up Morrow.)
  6. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi Lime pop.  (I may have more to say about aspartame in a different post someday.)
  7. This is my new favourite sub-Reddit.  So frickin’ cool!

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