(Pre) FTRW 2013 – On Offensive Words

Freedom to Read Week starts next week but since a couple of my colleagues my colleagues were on CTV Morning Live today promoting RPL’s various offerings (including a great event you should take in tomorrow night if you’re anywhere near Regina), I thought I’d start things off a bit early too with a very relevant quote from my new favourite comedian, Doug Stanhope:

If you’re offended by any word, in any language, it’s probably because your parents were unfit to raise a child.  Because words are just puffs of air.  That’s all they are.  And if you’re afraid of a puff of air, you’re an idiot. And so are your parents for letting you think they’re scary.  Because words only scare us if we give them power.  Take away the power, just puffs of air.  Remember that.

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