A Tale of Two #skndpldr MLA’s

I’m not going to editorialize too much in this post.  But I will say that I found it very revealing to see how the two MLA’s in the #skndpldr race framed their responses to the announcement of a joint Meili-Weir press conference tomorrow morning.

Although many (including myself on occasion) have equated Trent and Cam as being very similar (and in many ways, they are), I think their responses reveal two *very* different leadership styles.

No matter what Erin Weir & Ryan Meili announce tomorrow (my money’s on Weir removing a mask to show he’s secretly Murray Mandryk!) perhaps the most lasting impact will be the insight into what kind of leadership style the two MLAs (who won’t even be at the press conference)  would bring if they were to be chosen as Leader.

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