Saturday Snap – Free Sno-Kones at RPL

Going to take a break for the weekend from my “10 Reasons I’m Supporting Ryan Meili” series then resume on Monday and finish up #5 to #1 next week.

In the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled Saturday Snap – this one, highlighting one of the great advantages of working in one of the few public libraries in Canada with a fully-funded, fully-staffed and fully-operational art gallery, the Dunlop Art Gallery.

This means staff get previews of all the exhibitions where gallery staff walk us through the show and explain a bit about the artist, the background of the show and occasionally, what the art is about too!  😉

The latest show, “Good Intentions” by Jon Sasaki uses props from carnivals and sports events – things like mascots, confetti, fireworks, etc. – to comment on the disappointment that’s often inherent in these communal celebrations.

Below is an example of one element of this traveling show that’s only available when the exhibit is mounted during winter months.  I’m not sure this is disappointing though – Winnipeg which is a frozen wasteland about eight months of the year apparently has the highest per capita consumption of 7-11 slurpees in North America!


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