First Lines from Each Month of My 2012 Blog Posts


  • January – “I’ve made no secret of my love of lists and how this is the best time of the year for lists.”
  • February – “I’ve mentioned Quora a couple times before.”
  • March – “My prediction?  This new movie from comedian Bobcat Goldthwait won’t cause any controversy at all.”
  • April – “I’ve done some April Fool’s jokes on this blog before but this year, it sort of snuck up on me so I didn’t have anything planned.”
  • May – “You’ll see this graphic a lot more in a couple days as “May the Fourth Be With You””
  • June – “An interesting question – people are asked to take a photo of what they’d take from their house if it was burning down. “
  • July – “Former Saskatchewan Premier and Healthcare Commission Chair, Roy Romanow celebrates Canada Day with a column in the Globe & Mail on perhaps our most cherished Canadian institution.”
  • August – “The C-64 was the first computer I interacted with on a regular basis.”
  • September – “Went to a co-worker’s wedding today and felt like I virtually attended another one with how many updates I was seeing on my Facebook newsfeed.”
  • October – “I’ve got a well-documented love/hate relationship with Wikipedia.”
  • November – “Lots of interesting looking books on this list.”
  • December – “A few shots from the past week”

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