“This Is Our City” – Marian Donnelly for #yqr Mayor #yqrvotes

For one reason or another, I haven’t written much about the Regina Civic Election.  And now, just like that, it’s here.

I’m happy to announce that tomorrow, I will be supporting Marian Donnelly for Mayor of Regina.  I hope you will too!

I’ve known Marian since my first job with the Sask Publishers Group when she was Executive Director of the Sask Recording Industry Association (now SaskMusic).  Her accomplishments in that role are documented on her site – from increasing funding and staffing to implementing a range of new, innovative programs.  I particularly remember the Flatland Music Festival, a great (free!) showcase for many of the province’s up-and-coming and established musical acts.

Since then, Marian completed her MBA and became a strong presence in the local business community – as a University lecturer as well as the driving force behind the Creative City Centre.  (If you read Richard Florida’s works, you know that a leader who can develop a Creative City is what you want for your city to be as successful as possible.)

For all of you stadium folks, Marian is also pro-stadium just like the other two leading contenders but suggests that a more balanced, less rushed approach should be taken.

Polls are showing Micheal Fougere in the lead with Donnelly in second place and Meka Okochi in third. But with 25% of poll respondents undecided/undeclared and all kinds of variance in Regina’s historic voting patterns (not to mention variance in our weather!), anything can happen.

It’ll be an exciting day!

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