Ryan vs. Ryan: A Political Dichotomy #skndpldr

Such a strange dichotomy…

Tonight, I witnessed two young men named Ryan, both Catholic, both firm of their convictions, both political stars on the rise, in two different political events.

One is Paul Ryan, the VP candidate for the Republican ticket in the US who was in a televised debate tonight. This Ryan is an acolyte of Ayn Rand, thinks 30% of the entire US population are “takers” and his only medical qualifications are as a “Dr. No” on budget matters.

The other is Ryan Meili, candidate for the leadership of the Saskatchewan NDP who held a successful meet & greet in Regina tonight. This Ryan is inspired by people like Dr. Paul Farmer, he has has all but dedicated his life to serving the less fortunate and he is an actual practicing medical doctor (as well as a published author, community activist and much more.)

I’m so glad I get to support the better Ryan. You should too!

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