Saturday Snap – 10 Things We Had At Our Wedding (That Most People Don’t)

Went to a co-worker’s wedding today and felt like I virtually attended another one with how many updates I was seeing on my Facebook newsfeed.

As always, that gets me thinking about Shea’s and my own wedding nine and a half years ago.

Talking to some of the other guests at this most recent wedding made me realize how many unique elements our three weddings had.


1. Three weddings – the legal one with a JP in our living room in Calgary, the ceremonial one on the beach in Mexico (which we consider our “real” one) and the reception/party one in Shea’s hometown for all the family and friends who couldn’t join us in Mexico


2. Calgary’s cheapest JP (I called them all.)

3. The reason she was the cheapest? She was twice divorced, a detail that came up post-ceremony over a glass of wine when my cousin and his girlfriend who stood up with Shea and I revealed they were both currently undergoing divorces of their own.


4. The “mawidge” monologue from “The Princess Bride” integrated into our own vows

5. A topless woman lounging on the beach as we did our rehearsal walk-thru


6. A first dance where the bride and groom immediately left the dance floor while all other couples stayed through a number of verses of our chosen song based on the length of their marriage and then, not having planned it this way but it worked out perfectly as two couples – one from my side and one from hers – both were out there at the end having made it 40+ years of marriage.

7. A last dance song

8. Karaoke

9. Tequila shots

10. Cuban cigarillos that were mistaken for marijuana joints by the mother of the bride (prompting the bride to jokingly (?) tell her mom, “Mom, the people smoking pot went *behind* the house to do it!”)

Bonus: Pipe bombs (don’t ask)


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