Ranking The Top 10 Milestones of a Person’s Life

In exactly one week, Pace starts kindergarten. It’s a cliche but it truly is hard to believe how fast the time has flown. I thought it might be fun to try to rank the major milestones of a person’s life. Other than being born and dying, I know not everyone will hit these milestones but this is more of a personal reflection…

  1. Being born – obviously this kicks off everything that comes after so it’s a pretty big deal!
  2. Dying – the flip side of the coin to #1.
  3. First Word – language is one of the most important attributes that humans have over (most) other animals so the first signs of acquiring language are hugely important. (I’ve told the story before but I spent much of my early years in a bulk fuel dealership my parents ran. That informed my first three words which were apparently “clock”, “combine” and “fuck”!)
  4. Graduating High School – there are other educational milestones – from starting kindergarten to finishing a college degree – but I’d argue that high school grad still has a special symbolism of a transition time in our culture.
  5. Getting Married – it’s such an important milestone, some people may do it two or even three times in their lives! 😉
  6. Driver’s License – is there anything that signifies a person’s growing independence than getting their driver’s license?
  7. First Steps – Driving may be the biggest symbol of a person’s independence but taking one’s first steps start you on that path.
  8. First Job – So many of these things are about the transition from childhood to adulthood and first job is definitely one that clearly marks that transition – even if you’re still living in your parent’s house when you get it!
  9. Legal Drinking Age – Not everyone chooses to imbibe but it’s a pretty big part of the social life of our culture and can play a role in everything from a toast at your wedding to a beer you have sitting in the sun at a Riders game to a shot of Bailey’s poured into your coffee on Christmas morning.
  10. Losing Virginity – it may not be as talked about as the others on this list but this is yet another major milestone on a person’s road to adulthood.

What else could go on this list? First car. First kiss. First major trip. First of anything pretty much, I guess. I’m sure there are others I’ve missed but those are some of the biggies off the top of my head.

Best of luck buddy!


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