3-D Printing Your Next House?

3-D printing is an emerging technology that has the potential to be quite revolutionary.  It allows users to “print” three dimensional replicas of real world objects in a variety of materials (usually plastic or something similar.)

I first heard of 3-D printing when I saw a TV show about how Jay Leno, a noted antique car collector, uses a 3-D printer to make replica parts for his cars that he couldn’t obtain anywhere else.

I thought the technology was currently only for making small, solid pieces but apparently its developing much more quickly than I realised.

Oh, and to clarify a misunderstanding that a co-worker had when we discussed 3-D printing and who had the more traditional understanding of “printing” in her head – it’s not a new technology where you’ll “print” a new pair of runners but then have to avoid going out in the rain because they’re made of paper! 😉

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