Friday Fun Link – Good News Round-Up!

It’s been a pretty good news week for me.

Week started with news that some long-awaited Assistive Technology I’d ordered at work had finally arrived.

At the risk of being a “vague-booker” (er, “vague-blogger”) by hinting at things I can’t actually openly discuss right now, later in the week, I got a couple awesome pieces of news from two different sources when I went to a local coffee shop after work (I don’t do that often but it’s amazing who you bump into and what you learn when you do that!)

Just got news earlier today that some good friends in Vancouver had their first baby.

Then I come home tonight after having a couple drinks and a great visit with a former RPL co-worker to find an e-mail that after two and a half years, RPL and CUPE 1594 have reached a tentative contract settlement!

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about all these various newsy bits in the days and weeks and months and years to come.  But for now, it’s been a pretty good week as these things go!

If the Riders win tomorrow, I might not be able to handle the happiness! 😉

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