UWO MLIS Program “Spirit of Librarianship” Award Winners

One of the pages I lost when my old blog disappeared was a page I created back in 2006 which had some of the background and criteria as well as winners, nominees, bios and even some photos for UWO’s “Spirit of Librarianship” Award in the MLIS program.

I still have the page where all this information was located but can’t decide whether to re-create the page on this blog, start a wiki (so others, still at FIMS, could update it as needed) or some other option (online database? Spreadsheet?)

Anyhow, until that’s decided (and because there’s a chance I may let it slide completely and never get around to doing it!), I thought I’d at least put a list of the past winners (including some I’d never gotten around to posting on the old page which the student council president sent me sometime in 2009.)

If anyone comes across this page and has updates, feel free to leave a comment with any updates – thanks!

Spirit of Librarianship Award Plaque

“Spirit of Librarianship” Award Winners

  1. Gloria Joy Jouppien (Winter 2003)
  2. Chris Sheehy (Summer 2003)
  3. Donald Moses (Fall 2003)
  4. Alain Lamothe (Winter 2004)
  5. Terri Milton (Summer 2004)
  6. Sabina Iseli-Otto (Fall 2004)
  7. Guida da Silva (Winter 2005)
  8. Bex Blackburn (Summer 2005)
  9. Sophia Apostol (Fall 2005)
  10. Jason Hammond (Winter 2006)
  11. Bruce Fyfe (Summer 2006)
  12. Lindsay Holdsworth (Fall 2006)
  13. Michelle Lake (Winter 2007)
  14. Barb Janicek (Summer 2007)
  15. Iona Reid/Gloria Liu (co-winners) (Fall 2007)
  16. Avi Silberstein (Winter 2008)
  17. Patrick Herman/Michael Seyler (co-winners) (Summer 2008)
  18. Laura Murray (Fall 2008)
  19. Kayleigh Felice (Winter 2009)
  20. Laura Michelle Beauchamp (Summer 2009)
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