The MetaFilter InfoDump

You can tell which sites I’ve had the longest history on by looking at my user name on the site.  If it’s not “Headtale” then you know it’s a site I’ve been on for a LONG time – probably around 10-15 years.

There only a handful of sites that fit this criteria – CalgaryPuck, a fan site for the Calgary Flames is one.  Hotmail and Yahoo are a couple others (jason_hammond on both of those though I really only use those log-ins sparingly now for sites within the Microsoft and Yahoo! family of companies.)  Amazon.

And then there’s the grand-daddy of them all – MetaFilter where I’ve lurked since the mid-to-late 1990’s and been a formal member since just after 9/11 when I chose the very original user name of “jaybo” (and since it’s a site that doesn’t allow you to change your user name like many other newer sites do, that’s what I’m stuck with.)

Josh Millard aka Cortex is one of the moderators of the site and he’s posted some insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of the site that you might find interesting.

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