Fred Tabs Update

I’ve had a few worried e-mails from people who saw that the page with my collection of Fred Eaglesmith tabs has disappeared.

The reason is that I have begun the process of transferring my old blog to a new host.  As part of that process, the sub-content of my old site which was hosted on the domain,, has disappeared including the Fred tabs page I’ve maintained, probably since before I started my blog in 2006 (yep, 2004.  Wow, I love the Wayback Machine – they not only have a snapshot of what an early incarnation of my Fred fan page looked like but a newer version has working links to all of the tabs!)

I’m honestly not sure if it will all come across in the transfer or just the blog content but I’m hopeful that it will. (I’m letting the techies of the two hosts work out all the messy details with me as a middle-man.)

If not, I do have copies of all of the tabs on my computer so it wouldn’t be hard to re-create it as a dedicated page on this blog.  I might also modernize it – putting it on a wiki or something has long been on my To Do list.  Or since I no longer have the time to maintain the site and seek out new tabs to keep the site updated, I might also just choose to submit all of the tabs in my collection to Ultimate Tab or Country Tabs or a similar site like that.

Anyhow, I’ll see how the transfer goes over the next few days then re-assess where things are at.  Apologies to any Fred fans for the inconvenience and again, you can still get most of the tabs at the Wayback Machine and probably other archives I haven’t thought of.

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