Five Things That Excite Me About The Future

  1. Human-like Robots
  2. Always On, Free Internet Wherever You Are Or Wherever You Go
  3. Wearable Computers / Wearable Computers / Wearable Computers
  4. Driverless Cars and Increasingly Accessible Space Flight
  5. Renewable Energy Replacing Conventional Energy (how about Space-based Solar for something that’s really futuristic?)

The best thing is that all of these things are very real and increasingly accessible to everyone – this isn’t sci-fi anymore!

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  1. From Head Tale - With This Ring, I Thee Click? on 24 Aug 2012 at 2:52 pm

    […] This hits two areas of interest for me – given my current position, services for the visually impaired but also my longtime interest in wearable computers. […]

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