Music Monday – “We are old/And our son took the dog away/And fair enough/Because we are tired all the time.”

I awoke to this song on community radio this morning.

The fact that it infiltrated a dream I was having where a librarian colleague of mine (who is actually married to someone else in real life) was walking down the aisle to this song to meet Jack Layton at the altar (he was still alive in the dream) while Ed Broadbent sang this song and played guitar means that I either watched too much coverage of the NDP Leadership Convention this weekend or Shea slipped me a psychedelic substance sometime in the night!

But anyhow, I’ll add this to the list of songs I have a soft spot for that are about people and especially couples growing old together – “Help The Aged” by Pulp, “Try Not To Breathe” by REM, “One Last Love Song” – Beautiful South, “Hello In There” – John Prine, etc. etc.

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